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Pure of Heart Pure of Heart

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well crafted beauty in every part

Hello Bosa!

Sorry for the late response upon your request I'm having busy days recently. After listening your song I had 2 major things in my head: from such long distance in time I could easily recognize that this song was composed by you. The structural changes how you switched one part to another and the key changes are so typical to you like a trademark or something like that.

The song is really nice and it definitely has a great flow. The instrumantation is moderate nothing too grandious but still wide and there is a great variety from gitar, to mallets strings harps any many other instruments. I must say that this song could be a perfect score for a romantic movie. The fiddle(?) parts had a string Irish/Wells feeling of it by the way.

First I was hesitating between 9 and 10 but the more I listen to the song the more I like it. So I give you a 10! Great work beautiful composition well deserved points!

Great job congratulations and keep up this great work!

Best regards:
Gregory Bakay

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The Love of Marion The Love of Marion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My opinion

Hey Bosa!

I'm gladly grab my keyboard and write a review about this song. About the first impressions:

- loved the slow strings in the beginning and the glockenspiel (?) sounds on it but after my personal taste (and I must underline that it's only my PERSONAL taste) the staccato strings brings some unnecessary dinamism to the song that doesn't fit for a lovesong - altough I don't know the background of the song and the purpouse why it made and for what scene.

- the gitar was a great add and the pan-flute (?) too. I think I don't have to highlight Hania's voice. It's wonderfull, magical and gives an etheral beauty to the song. May I ask what kind of language is the vocals written? I simply can't figure it out and it sounds really like out of this world from a fantasy-land or something... but I carried away, back to the song:

To be honest i like the song and I can't really find anything to criticise. Or maybe: during the last vocal part are there a choir under it in the background? If yes it's almost unrecogniseable since it's so quiet. If not then there's another instrument there or something I could hear out of the song.

But there's nothing other I could mention. Beautifull song. Congrats on your efforts!


Gregory Bakay

Bosa responds:

Well, this song was indeed meant to be a love song. However, I'm not the one to ask about the language or the vocals, as I didn't write them. Hania is the one to talk to about that. However, I can say that it is a fantasy-style voice and most likely the language is fantasy as well. There is a boy choir at the first vocal part and the last. Perhaps I should have increased their volume, as I just noticed how low they are. Thanks for the review, Gregory! I hope to hear more from you in the near future!

Stand United [popraz - Rac3] Stand United [popraz - Rac3]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Who is Vangelis?

Hey Popraz!

I'm was checking your stuff - and I thought I'll write a review about one of your track as a Christmas gift. And I picked this one.

Well I ask myself who is Vangelis - after the first ca. 2 mins. of the track. It was so damn close to the sound of Vangelis, but in the same time still different and fresh. I loved the horn sound. Really new sound from you and fits great in the whole structure.

Oh and I loved the break-beat under the tunes. Really made it sound more unique.

The mixing is superb. Have no complaints about it - every sound is easy to hear and crystal clear. And about the overall sounding - this is trully a new kind of style of soundscape from you. Like you've refreshed yourself and your style but kept the worthy elemets too.

I must say you are on a right way with this new shape of sound. Congratulations for the 3rd place. I don't know about the other contestants (and the results often depends on the jury) but it's well deserved.

So wonderfull work - full respect for you and I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Gregory Bakay
(aka Madboss)

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popraz responds:

Thank you very much ! Sorry for the late reply. I wish you also a great new year full of happiness and success.

_-={Till Death Do I Impart}=-_ _-={Till Death Do I Impart}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

...was a damn long time ago...

Since I've last wrote a review to your song! So it's time again to grab my keyboard and write one!

I remember the previous entry on corrupting this tune - "Corrupted Matrimony" was the title if I can recall (I've dl's it too). And I can remember you've suffered with the organ too.

But this time is the song a total win! The snare drums give a really energetic boost for the track and dictates the rhythm too. To be honest I don't really have any points or ideas how to improve the song and I don't really see negative things here (not to mention that I don't really want to find any).

So congrats maistro for this great song - you've created a great piece again!


(Gregory Bakay)

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Stigmata of the Weak 2009 Stigmata of the Weak 2009

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Deserved 10/10

Hi popraz!

Unfortunately I'm damn busy nowdays and I barely got time to check my NG account not to mention the AP. But I remembered this music back there and I thought I can't miss your new approach.

For me the best part was the ending - @ around 3:40 with these synth like piano sounds and the big choir part with the flute. I also enjoyed the bells and the deep drums in the middle that were really well mixed and mastered.

I've mentioned earlier but I can't emphasise enough - you have a definitely unique and remarkable style that is recogniseable for me even now. So I could surely tell from the song that is your work.

Globally about the song - it flows well so I haven't felt that some parts needed to be more better composed or standing out from the whole composition. The mood fits perfectly the images you've aiming to show. The mastering and the sound is clear and well arranged and the used sounds give a great overall sound. And you have used quite a lot of instruments and sound here but the song still feels like one big unit not like a chaotic mass of instruments.

My only tiny complaint is with the ending - a slower fade out would have given a more dramatic ending and after my opinion a feeling of an inevitable tragedy.

But besides this the song is great and I could feel that you really took your time with this song and really developed your skills to a higher level! Congrats on that and keep up this great work! Never stop composing music!
10/10, 5/5 and faved!

MadBoss (aka Gregory Bakay)

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popraz responds:

Thank you ! As usual, a very detailed and usefull review. I am really happy you liked it !

_Dreadnaught_ _Dreadnaught_

Rated 5 / 5 stars


When you kicked the main tune in at around 00:20 I was blasted into my seat. Kick ass epic sound, blasting brass section and strings. Not to mention the percussions. Great job!

I can see - after listening to "Final Flight" and this - you have a really unique style to compose fast paced action parts like the beginning or like the part at around 4:40. This reminds me a bit like classical filmscore music. And this is I think a great thing.

Congratulation for this song!
5/5 10/10 dl'd!


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sonate pour la beauté in Ebm sonate pour la beauté in Ebm

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad

Maybe add some more segments, or some more quiet parts to the song - it'll make more variety and depth to the song. In this way the song is a bit too constant and has one level.

Otherwise it's good - nice melody flow and the melody is really fitting for the gitar and I'm not missing other instruments from the song.

4/5, 8/10


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_Final Flight_ _Final Flight_

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Complex and powerfull song

Hello there!

I'm absolutely amazed with this song - both quality and complexity is far beyond amazing!

Great job with the staccato strings at the build up in the beginning - you've really made a nice introduction for the themes you wanted to show.

After 00:51 - absolutely dramatic sound something I've heard really long ago. Great job with that. And wonderfull strings at around 1:30 - really brought some variety into the song.

So all in all - loved the song. Great job and congratulations for it!
5/5, 10/10, dl'd


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No Surrender No Surrender

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad

Hi popraz! As I promised here's my review about the song.

First of all - it's really nicely mastered and arranged. I liked the instrumantation as well. Especially the sound of the electric gitar was really awesome.

I like the upbeat starting that breaks around 0:54 but still rises with choir and trombone (french horn?) to 1:47. Really uplifting and great sounding!

After 2:27 - awesome melody starts on the strings! I'd really loved to hear more from it maybe in a more developed way.

The tune that kicks in at 3:06 is really dinamic - loved it! Uplifting and really fits for the title and the whole concept that you wanted to showcase with the music. And it loops damn well btw.

I was thinking a lot about the track because there was something that bothered me and I couldn't figure out what is it but after the 4th listening I realised (this opininon is based on my personal taste): there is no really main tune or segment of the track.

You've put a lot of effort into it and created a lot of smaller segments and I think these are too much for a track in this lenght. And because of this non of these segments are well and fully developed or introduced and that's why it seems a bit rushed for me.

So next time maybe less but more developed segments and tunes would be better. But as I mentioned this is my personal opinion.

Otherwise good and characteristic track that has the unique marks of your own style (strings-style, percussion arangements).

So this time 8/10 and 4/5 from me - dl'd.

I hope my review will be helpfull.



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popraz responds:

Very helpful. Thank you ! And you are absolutely right about the lack of a sense of solid structure. It hasn't been rushed, on the contrary, I've probably spent too much time on it. I did this song in about three weeks, working only small bits now and then, and that probably fractured the main idea. I never realised that, until now because I was too preocupied about the small things and I missed the bigger picture, but that's what reviews are for. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Silent Tears [Orch] Silent Tears [Orch]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Moving along...

"Extreme ends of the spectrum are where your musical talent flows the most, when you're sad or when you're happy, that's when you can make a masterpiece as simply as you can walk or run." - this is what you've written in your comment and how true I think it is! I can really understand this thought and the situation you are in.

Great job about the track - it really carries a kind of 'moving on' feeling. with a lot of hope encapsulated inside.

Some minor suggestion: make some more segment in the song. I mean: lover the strings and put them more in the background, and let the piano to fill the place - but keep the pace. I think it'd sound great and give some more variety and depth/emotion to the song and wouldn't sound so 'full' and constant all the way.

But toherwise the song really caught me... 5/5, 10/10 dl'd

Congrats and good luck!


Dj-Flux responds:

Yes, I agree entirely. Like I said, "Revision 1", I have lots of work to do! :]

I'll definitely fix the fullness in time, I hope, as my skill increases. This orchestra is tough stuff to work with, dynamics dynamics dynamics. That's my flaw currently, yeah?

Thanks a lot for the review, I'm glad you liked the song. :]