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Anamnesis Anamnesis

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wonderfull summery of the best on NG!

Hy! First of all I'm must say thank you for using my music in this work. I'm not that kind of flash-reviewing guy but I think this was great. It had a feeling like the end of a great movie - every major character shows up for a final role. I had this feeling when I've watched the end credits of "Return of the King" and all characters were shown.

So overall I liked this a lot - the animations were smooth and continous and the feeling that it gave was one of an uplifting one. Great work, congratulations!

indigoApe responds:

Thanks alot for your music. This piece wouldn't be anything without it =]

Zomborg Apocalypse - 006 Zomborg Apocalypse - 006

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great series, worth watchin'!

Hey man! I've just watched all the episodes of ZA and saw the last one - that big monsters design hit me! Great design and idea man I love it as the whole thing.
One small bug - before shocking Tom has the scar on his left arm but when the gurads taking him it's on his right arm.
But besides this great job - I'm awaiting the next one!

Mario's Rage (GHAD) Mario's Rage (GHAD)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Mario kick some toad ass - great job!

Man I loved this one! Great parody whit great extra scenes. Especially seeing Mario as an agent - and the totally twisted things after that scene. So great job and keep goin'on!

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Animal Puncher Animal Puncher

Rated 0 / 5 stars

This game should be banned...

This game has no value at all not to mentione the horrible message it takes. When I was needed to punch the cat I immediately turned this crap off... how can anyone... I repeat... ANYONE get this highlighted?...

Human stupidity has no limits...

Winter Rider Winter Rider

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The main concept to go trough each level is not so exciting. I made fun of making backflips. On level 9 theres an opportunity to make a double backflip - of course with the blue motorbike.

Add more jumps and more air time for flips. It will be a bigger hit! Nice game though - I faved it!


Prison Escape Prison Escape

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice one

Hey I made trough the game. It gave me a really good and challengeing experience. So nice and entertaining job - but not from that too hard category. Altough I think the last level was a bit... uhm... stupid. I think you know what I'm talking about.

You could also make more variable music. Well for me is this point of view important. Why not cheking out my stuff? maybe you find something interesting there for your future flash-stuff ;)

So summing up: nice brain-moving experience - really enjoyable!

freeworldgroup responds:

thanks and yeah will check out your music : - )

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Pure of Heart Pure of Heart

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well crafted beauty in every part

Hello Bosa!

Sorry for the late response upon your request I'm having busy days recently. After listening your song I had 2 major things in my head: from such long distance in time I could easily recognize that this song was composed by you. The structural changes how you switched one part to another and the key changes are so typical to you like a trademark or something like that.

The song is really nice and it definitely has a great flow. The instrumantation is moderate nothing too grandious but still wide and there is a great variety from gitar, to mallets strings harps any many other instruments. I must say that this song could be a perfect score for a romantic movie. The fiddle(?) parts had a string Irish/Wells feeling of it by the way.

First I was hesitating between 9 and 10 but the more I listen to the song the more I like it. So I give you a 10! Great work beautiful composition well deserved points!

Great job congratulations and keep up this great work!

Best regards:
Gregory Bakay

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The Love of Marion The Love of Marion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My opinion

Hey Bosa!

I'm gladly grab my keyboard and write a review about this song. About the first impressions:

- loved the slow strings in the beginning and the glockenspiel (?) sounds on it but after my personal taste (and I must underline that it's only my PERSONAL taste) the staccato strings brings some unnecessary dinamism to the song that doesn't fit for a lovesong - altough I don't know the background of the song and the purpouse why it made and for what scene.

- the gitar was a great add and the pan-flute (?) too. I think I don't have to highlight Hania's voice. It's wonderfull, magical and gives an etheral beauty to the song. May I ask what kind of language is the vocals written? I simply can't figure it out and it sounds really like out of this world from a fantasy-land or something... but I carried away, back to the song:

To be honest i like the song and I can't really find anything to criticise. Or maybe: during the last vocal part are there a choir under it in the background? If yes it's almost unrecogniseable since it's so quiet. If not then there's another instrument there or something I could hear out of the song.

But there's nothing other I could mention. Beautifull song. Congrats on your efforts!


Gregory Bakay

Bosa responds:

Well, this song was indeed meant to be a love song. However, I'm not the one to ask about the language or the vocals, as I didn't write them. Hania is the one to talk to about that. However, I can say that it is a fantasy-style voice and most likely the language is fantasy as well. There is a boy choir at the first vocal part and the last. Perhaps I should have increased their volume, as I just noticed how low they are. Thanks for the review, Gregory! I hope to hear more from you in the near future!

Stand United [popraz - Rac3] Stand United [popraz - Rac3]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Who is Vangelis?

Hey Popraz!

I'm was checking your stuff - and I thought I'll write a review about one of your track as a Christmas gift. And I picked this one.

Well I ask myself who is Vangelis - after the first ca. 2 mins. of the track. It was so damn close to the sound of Vangelis, but in the same time still different and fresh. I loved the horn sound. Really new sound from you and fits great in the whole structure.

Oh and I loved the break-beat under the tunes. Really made it sound more unique.

The mixing is superb. Have no complaints about it - every sound is easy to hear and crystal clear. And about the overall sounding - this is trully a new kind of style of soundscape from you. Like you've refreshed yourself and your style but kept the worthy elemets too.

I must say you are on a right way with this new shape of sound. Congratulations for the 3rd place. I don't know about the other contestants (and the results often depends on the jury) but it's well deserved.

So wonderfull work - full respect for you and I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Gregory Bakay
(aka Madboss)

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popraz responds:

Thank you very much ! Sorry for the late reply. I wish you also a great new year full of happiness and success.