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I was working in the past 2 weeks but now I'll have some free time to edit my profile... and to submit my latest grand piece. It's an 8 minutes long epic booming action piece with orchestra and electronics as well. I hope you'll like it!

Exams, exams, exams...

2008-05-22 02:48:16 by madboss

I'm utterly busy with my exams recently: I have to learn 100 of pages and because of that I'm simply out of energy and inspiration. I feel myself totally empty - unable to create anything new. (I mean for the classical section)

But since there's music floating in my veins I can't live without music making: I've made a new trance track. I hope you'll enyjoy it.

Hy guys!

You know I was asked to compose music for an MMORPG and that means I'll work only on this project. The developement team told me that there's a little possibility that my music could be released or something and besides this they want to go sure that my music can be heard only in the game - so this means that I won't submit any music composed for that game.

I hope you understand this. It's a good opportunity for me to test my skills and I wanted to live with that. I don't know how long will this process take - the whole project is in a realy early status so it could take maybe several years.

I hope you'll understand my decision. Whenever I'm ready with this I'll return.

Best whishes until that time:


... fasten your seatbelts and prepare - because I'm "dropping the bomb"!

I've submitted my big suite I was working on since last year november and it's finally ready. It took a lot of time and fight to put this stuff toghether. Especially the damn battle parts in the second part. But I've got it.

I hope that you'll like this one - and the whole suit will be an entertaining musical "ride" for you all.

I think after submitting this I'll go and relax - I was dreaming and having epic drums and choirs in my mind since november - and I'm burned out a bit. So I'll probably stop making music for a while. But don't worry not for too long. Just until I don't have an idea that I'd like to create.

So enjoy my work submitted and have a nice day!


Hy to everyone!

Lately I got a lot of PM's asking me what kind of software I'm using or what choirs I'm working with etc. So I decided to tell everyone the truth:)

I'm using Reason 4.0 for everything. It's a complex software where you can really see the devices you've put into the rack and you can also see the connetcing cables running into them so you can plug them as you wish (but mostly properly - otherwise you won't hear a single bit:)).

And the main thing: you can see EVERY knob on the devices (that means sometimes over 100 of knobs) and you can render an automatisation to almost EVERY knob. Great stuff. And when you made an automatisation (draw a curve for it or recorded the knob-movemet) you can copy anytime and you want or copy to any other instruments same knobs knob-automatisation lane.

So that's about the software itself. If you want to get more info about it google out Reason and you'll be there in notime.

For most of the sounds I'm using the Reason default soundbanks (Okester mainly but sometimes Factory Soundbank as well for some drums or brass) but my drums (the deep hard hitting ones) are ripped off from original OST-s (like King Arthur, Last Samurai, Casino Royal, etc.).

The choir is another frequently asked one. I'm using "SoundScan vol28 Acoustic SynthChoir". I've got this from a friend so don't ask where to find it. I can tell you that they are really usefull choir samples (as you can hear too): they are small (the whole refill is 123 Mb big) and contains a lot of realistic and really synthetic like choirs too. I can only recommend them.

So that's about my working platform. I hope the infos will be usefull.


Thank you guys!

2008-01-04 15:22:42 by madboss

One of my song - Freedom is a Step away - is leading the best tracks segment... and it couldnt happen without your support. Without all of your support! Thanks for everyone writing a review about any of my track, sharing his/her ideas and thoughts (even if it was critical)! Thanks for everyone who are listening my music... and thanks for everyone using it in any forms (flash, video, or any project)!

Sorry if this speach is a bit too emotional (I've seen a moving movie right before this, it's the fault :)) but I felt that I have to say thank you.

I hope to finish one of my big projects maybe within 2 weeks - hopefully... so stay tuned! ;)