Music with motion and a message to zero-bombers

2008-09-01 14:13:43 by madboss

Hy there!

First a message to the person/persons who are constatly zero-bombing my profile: don't waste your time zero-voting my tracks. The people like them just read the reviews and see the average ratings of them... You can achieve that I won't be in the top of the classical section I don't care. People will like my music after all. So come on hit me with your zero-bombs you son of a bitch you can't hurt me. Go find something usefull or waste your time playing with your balls.

Otherwise I thank you all of the normal NG-users who commented and rated fairly my music! Thank you!

That was the message. To turn something better:

Some guy on Youtube decided to use my music in a trailer he's put toghether in order to promote his book. The book is about a Terminator-like story with some interesting twists on it - it definitely gives a new shape of these kind of stories.

But onto my side: he made these trailers from existing series/movies and used my music! I thought it's a great way to show how my music can change the mood of a movie/video.

So here are the vids

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/* */
Have fun watching them and have a good day!



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2008-09-01 15:05:39

Thank you so much, it's my trailer and book, you music is so perfect for cinematic videos
- Richie


2008-09-27 15:41:12

You know Smosh made a video with your music in it on Youtube. It's about how Anthony cuts his hair or something.