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Own website

2010-02-06 02:38:39 by madboss

Hello everyone!

Edit on 19.05: I've decided to delete all my recent classical tunes since there are not much of interest for them and I will leave NG in terms of classical-filmscore like songs. NG is not the proper place to promote my scores and to get composing works for serious projects. If I got bored and got a new trance track I'll upload here but no more new classical stuff.

The stuff I left here is of course free for use.

If you want to follow my classical works, check out my websire. Link:
http://www.wix.com/Gregory_Bakay/grego rybakay

Or visit my soundclick page:
http://www.soundclick.com/bands/defaul t.cfm?bandID=956134


Gregory Bakay


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2010-02-06 03:43:41

checked it out, looks good, all you have to do is get your own domain name.
your music is good too


2010-12-25 09:50:30

Thanks for your support of my music! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!



2012-06-08 11:34:43

I've been a fan of yours for ages and I can't believe that you're going to take them down! This is a sad moment, yes I didn't look for a while since last time but damn it man, it's a pity!