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2009-12-18 06:27:24 by madboss

I've been involved in several projects lately and I'm really proud to be in them.

I've composed the teaser and the theatrical trailer music for Ramsaur Film's 'Witch Hunt' - a short movie based on Harry Potter universe. It's really great and has fantasdtic effects despite being a low budget film.

Teaser trailer:

/* */
Theatrical trailer:

/* */
For more info check out their website:

And I'm on board with Fanar Productions in their Machinima project 'The Human refinement'. It's also a really aspiring project. The first two episodes are up on youtube. I've composed the title song for it and several of my songs (Brake your chains, Let it Go, and Solitudo Aeternus) was used in it.

Episode 1:

/* */
Episode 2:

/* */
I'll let you informed if there are any news about this project or new episodes are up.


Gregory Bakay


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2009-12-19 13:33:48

WOW! That is awesome! Tell the writer he's a genius! I really wouldn't mind seeing a tv show like this, first person and everything.


2009-12-20 05:05:13

Woo hoo for my show! XD I love using Gregory's music in THR! And thank you for the genius comments! XD *blushes*