Deleted submisson - change in future submissions

2009-06-05 02:45:47 by madboss

Hello everyone!

In case you wonder - I have deleted the song "The End Is Near" because someone has bought the exclusive rights of it. So please don't ask me to send the song or you'd like to buy it.

And in the future the function of this profile and the method of song submissions will change. I will only upload short (maximum 1 min. long) experts of my song to this account. The full songs will be uploaded to t.cfm?bandID=956134&content=music this page but only for listening. If there will be a video for the songs you can watch them at

If you wish to use the songs for flash submissions you can check out the prices there too. Of course I'm flexible in these questions so if you are willing to use any of my upcoming songs or just want to get them to listen to contact me via e-mail: and we will discuss the conditions.

Thank you for your understanding and stay tuned for more music!


(Gregory Bakay)


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2009-07-09 23:16:52

Look at you! :D looken all fancy in that picture. You seem like your really going some ware with this music(and yous should your very good). Gregory Bakay: Music Composer ...That has a nice ring to it.